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About Secret World


Chapter 1: The Origin of a Dream

Once upon a time, in a sweet family cocoon, two sisters discovered a common passion: fashion. Their bond was deep, beyond blood ties. They dreamed together of creating something exceptional, but not only...

Chapter 2: Passion and Ambition

Since their childhood, these two souls were captivated by the world of fashion. They spent hours flipping through magazines, drawing sketches and exploring global trends. Their mother, a strong and loving figure, had always worked hard to raise them, and they nourished the desire to give her a life worthy of her sacrifices.

Chapter 3: The Genesis of SECRET WORLD

This is how “SECRET WORLD” (known as “SW”) was born. The name itself evoked a universe imbued with mystery, beauty and elegance, jealously preserved by these two devoted sisters. Each SW creation was shaped with passion, creativity and determination. Much more than a simple fashion brand, it is a true ode to the one who had sacrificed so much for her family.

Chapter 4: Commitment to Quality

When they set out to design their own clothing line, they made a solemn vow to maintain impeccable quality. Each fabric was carefully selected, each seam executed with meticulous precision, each piece became a work of art in itself. They knew that each “SW” creation had to reflect the grandeur of their dream.

Chapter 5: Your History at SECRET WORLD

Today, “SECRET WORLD” invites you to join this extraordinary story. Every clothing choice you make goes beyond simple adornment. It's a testament to your support of two determined sisters who turned their passion into an extraordinary adventure while honoring the unconditional love that guided them.

Join “SECRET WORLD” and let each of our creations remind you of the love, determination and passion that gave birth to this brand. Together, we will continue to write this story, one seam at a time.